BlogSA 1-2

We want you!

We are looking for new fellows for BlogSA 2.0 CMS!

the first time we carried out BlogSA, we were striving for making our
project grow rapidly with a great enthusiasm. Besides intense work of
our daily job, we had lots of difficulties during the progress of BlogSA
which is based on voluntary contributions. Nowadays contributing to an
Open Source Software Project requires very high afford but it also helps
you acquire more knowledge and get involved in a society of great

We would like to meet more programmers
who wanted to be a part of Open Source Project “BlogSA” and share our
enthusiasm. With this way, we are going to launch new version of BlogSA
faster. Here are the qualities of fellows we are looking for:

– Want to prove yourself in software industry,
– Responsible, determined, hardworking,
– Have knowledge in the field of C# and .NET technologies,
– Did some research about OOP and Design Patterns,
– Can learn and comprehend quickly, want to improve skills,
– Understand the needs of system and produce solutions easily.

Especially a person who is a student at a university or a college and wants to
have a serious reference is acceptable. If your accommodation is at
Istanbul, it would be great for getting involve our diverse activities.

You can apply via email: blogsa [at] blogsa (dot) net, please write an email which tells us about you.

Last day of application: August 31, 2012.