A subjective review of the most interesting solutions in the Mobile category at Cannes Lions 2015

A subjective review of the most interesting solutions in the „Mobile” category at Cannes Lions 2015

This year at the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival there were many interesting submissions. The category that excites us the most is, of course, "Mobile", so I took a close look at all the proposals and present a subjective ranking of my favorite and creative projects to get excited about.

I agree with the jury in Cannes and the honorable mention given to Google Cardboard. A simple solution that introduces us to the world of augmented reality. For now, these are small steps, but thanks to them it is easier to realize in which direction the technological progress and development of mobile devices is going. Other manufacturers act in a similar way, e.g. Samsung Gear VR and Oculus. Virtual Reality is another gadget, perhaps even a bridge between them and Google Glass, lenses or implants in the skin? This is the strategy of corporations to familiarize us with the solutions of the future, which will soon be everyday life. It is possible that they will become a convenience, or it will turn out that in a few decades we will pay to disconnect from the "Internet of Everything"! No matter what the future holds, VR is a market hit, including in the realm of marketing communications.

Personally, I'm an advocate of solutions that realistically expand our possibilities and help transcend the barriers of human perception. This is the factor that guided me in the following list. Here are my nominations:

5 stars for BackUp Memory. This is a truly therapeutic app that has impressed me greatly. BackUp Memory is an aid for Alzheimer's sufferers. Thanks to an application in your phone, you can create a world that is increasingly difficult to recreate for people with memory problems. And it's all thanks to simple steps: photos and notifications arriving on your phone. Technology that supports and minimizes the effects of disease, but also brings awareness to the strength and determination with which a person can fight it. The project was submitted by Samsung Tunisia and 3SG – DDBO.

4 stars for Back Me App, created by Procter & Gamble and Leo Burnet Italy. Absolutely big YES to this app and not only from a female perspective. The authors of the idea introduced for the Always brand, go beyond the scheme. They show women's solidarity in the digital edition, additionally they make you realize how geolocation can serve to protect human life. The idea behind the Back Me App is simple: you come home late, tell your friend, sister, colleague. Make it one click, with an app and your phone. Should something unforeseen happen along the way, a "virtual guardian angel" will know about it and can react quickly.

3 stars for Learning Curve, a project submitted by Domtar and Eric Mower + Associates. From the perspective of a mother of an 8 month old son, this is a great idea on how to combine technology with learning. Beautiful vision, which I hope will come true in Polish schools one day, because e-education gives additional possibilities for individual approach to teaching. It is equally important to make learning interesting. Just how to encourage children to write by hand, in a world dominated by digital devices? That's what the originators of the Learning Curve Project are doing, proposing to monitor writing on pieces of paper with a digital – ink(!) pen.

In an age where everything can be easily measured (time, length, quantity) and earn a virtual achievement, this is a great way to get kids excited about handwriting. I dream of my son having a chance to use technological solutions at school that do not cannibalize other skills, but combine them into one synergistic whole and expand his cognitive abilities.

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