Creating a website on WordPress tutorial

Creating a website on WordPress – guide

WordPress is originally a blogging platform created in CMS language. Content Management System. The platform uses a relational database management system – MySQL. An indisputable advantage WordPress is that it is completely free . As the years passed, the WordPress platform began to gain more and more users who use the system to create simple business websites and even to create complete websites. Currently, one in four websites is based on WordPress. Navigating the platform is easy, because the system was created to work in a fast and intuitive way. What follows? Even someone without IT education or experience will be able to handle the platform . The complexity of using WordPress is often comparable to writing comments on forums.

CMS – content management system

CMS, or content management system, is a simple set of tools to create a website on your own without coding knowledge.

How to set up a website?

Creating your own website is not that difficult and is now available for everyone, even for those who have no computer science education and do not know coding languages. Choosing WordPress there is a possibility to create a website on your own for free. Here are some steps prepared by createcstrone , which will help you create a website in an uncomplicated way.

Step by step website creation

1. When creating your own website it is important to choose the right domain

What is a domain name? The domain is simply the name of the website (so called. URL address), which you want to have . When you type the name of the site into a search engine, you should be able to get to the site freely. The domain should be created first, as it is a very important element in setting up a website. When coming up with a domain name for your site, you need to keep in mind that the name should be:

– easy to remember for the audience,

– not too long – a shorter name works much better,

– preferably with pl extension., com. or eu.,

– not misleading others,

– created from relevant keywords, phrases that characterize the site.

2. Another important point is the choice of hosting

Hosting is a place on the Internet where all the data of your website will be stored . All created sites are stored on computer servers. Thanks to hosting, the website exists and has the ability to be displayed on the web. It is worth remembering that hosting:

– it works smoothly and quickly,

– had a large server capacity to store data,

– is effective and reliable,

– was at a convenient price.

A significant part of paid hosting provides its customers with a website name (domain) in the hosting price. It is not uncommon for more paid hosting providers to use better servers and greater capabilities.

After choosing the hosting, it’s time to register an account on it . Registration is simple and the same presented step by step on the landing page.

3. Then you need to install WordPress

Going forward you need to install yourself on the WordPress server. This will make it easy to manage your website without the need for special coding in the future. Many paid web hosts have an automatic service to install WordPress. The process of installing WordPress is virtually the same for any hosting. Having the platform in place you should:

– choose the tasks of creating a site,

– define admin data and password for the site,

– decide which language to choose.

Installing the WordPress platform should not take much time. Installation takes about a few minutes. Once the system is properly installed, it’s time to set up.

4. It’s your turn to choose a theme

Initially, the WordPress platform automatically imposes a default theme. Of course, if it doesn’t meet the requirements for the newly created website there is an option to change the theme to another one. Everything will be done by going to the administration panel of the site.

A theme is supposed to take care of the clarity, functionality, or speed of the website being created . Every site should have at least one theme that has been programmed according to the standards of the WordPress platform. Choosing a theme should be thoughtful and mature because it has a big impact on the look of the website. When choosing a theme you need to be particularly mindful:

– Available updates and editing capabilities,

– attractiveness and aesthetics of the theme,

– simple and intuitive to use,

– transparency of the posted content.

Free and paid theme templates on the web

If the themes available on WordPress do not meet your specific requirements and fit your needs, you can always use both free and paid themes outside the platform on the web. At the following links you can find:


By reading this mini guide, you can see that creating your own website is relatively easy. Thanks to WordPress system practically everyone can prepare and use their own website for free. By following the directions and following the recommendations on WordPress and the web, you can easily create your website. It just takes a little time and willingness for the resulting work to meet all expectations.

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