How a hard reset differs from a soft reset and when it’s worth doing

Hard reset of the phone – how does it differ from soft reset and when is it worth to perform it?

Smartphones are one of the basic tools of everyday use that allow us to stay in constant contact with the world. Through them we can not only call or send text messages, but also use other functionalities – search engine, social media or camera. However, sometimes a smartphone starts to refuse to obey – it crashes or completely stops responding to commands. In this case, a hard reset of your phone may be helpful. What it is, how to do it and how it differs from soft reset?

What is a hard phone reset?

A hard phone reset is nothing more than restoring a smartphone to its factory settings. Restoring the software to its initial state causes the loss of all data stored in the phone’s memory, so before performing a hard reset it is worth making a backup copy on external media or using the “cloud“.

What is a soft phone reset?

Restoring factory settings is a last resort for many users, so try a soft reset of your phone before doing so. It is trivial, because the whole process boils down to switching the device off and on. A similar maneuver often allows you to delete data from the cache memory of the smartphone, which is responsible for the smooth performance of tasks when using several applications simultaneously.

Phone hard reset – when to do it?

If the smartphone, after a soft reboot, still causes problems in everyday use, a hard reset may be inevitable. It is one of the most effective ways to optimize software operation and remove bugs present in the system. If this does not help, the fault most likely does not lie with the system, but with the efficiency of the components. Then it may be necessary to return the device for repair. The ability to perform a hard reset will also be useful for all those who plan to replace their smartphone with a newer model and sell the previous one.

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