I use an iPhone a. I am creative!

I use an iPhone’a. I'm creative!

After more than 2 years I parted with my iPhone. I have to admit – I didn't want to. Sadness was compounded by the fact that here I am getting rid of a wonderful tool with which I am so close and lose some social status! I stop being creative, leading and will no longer be a trendsetter!

Since I was ditching iOS, there was one condition (well, actually two!): let it be Android and at least the screen could be bigger. Both were easily met (and at a surprisingly decent price!).

Running my LG Swift 4X HD with Android 4 for the first time.0.3 I assumed that:

–it will not be intuitive,

– android versions of apps probably work worse and are ugly,

– it will be a not very useful tool for calls and maybe emails.

And what turned out? I admit that I fell victim to stereotypes and my own prejudices. I may have lost my social status and am no longer welcome in some hipster places, but … I gained a lot of time and opportunities:

– I do not need any software to upload something from the computer to the device,

– space for all my staff (music, ebooks, apps, etc.).) I have as much as I want because I just put the SD card and that's it,

– my mp3 muse files finally found their home (after I washed my mp3 along with my running sweatshirt they wandered around, because who has so much time and space in iPhone to convert 200 albums into Apple-acceptable files),

– paid applications that I knew from the iPhone’a are many times cheaper or even free on Google Play,

–The NFC sticker minimizes the change of settings when I leave the house and return to it,

– my beloved Gmail account and other tools under the Google brand finally feel completely settled in my smartphone (well, because it's Android!).

After a few days of intensive use and migration of accounts from dozens of services and games, I found that I may indeed no longer be "creative" (Google Play itself suggests what I have / should download and like), but I save myself the nerves and have fewer restrictions than before. It made me so happy (self-satisfaction is a strong feeling and causes a lot of endorphins to be released) that I decided to forgive that:

– some apps relatively often crashes due to an error (I do not know if it's a coincidence, but only those Polish?!),

– quite difficult to organize the desktop,

– icons can duplicate themselves and exist in different places,

– there are apps (the ones with "i"- read. "aj" – before the word I can not find on Android).

Well, and only now I can appreciate the cutting jokes of Samsung, which for years in its ads parody "young, creative followers of Apple’a".

So have I become a follower of Google’s religion? The answer is… no. I appreciate the new possibilities and respect my time, but once again I was convinced that the content (understood primarily as applications) rules mobile devices.

Give me anything, as long as it has internet and the ability to personalize with apps, and I'll make a creative use of it tailored to my own needs!

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