Participants of festivals are additionally engaged by… photos

Festival attendees are further engaged by … photos

Summer time is heralded by many outdoor festivals, good music and fun among several thousand people. In events such as. Heineken Open'er was attended by about 70 thousand. The number of mobile users is still growing (you can read the case study of the festival application here), and the last Coke Live event was attended by over 45 thousand people. participants. In addition to the known benefits such as music played by world-famous artists and spending time with friends, event organizers are looking for other ways to provide entertainment to their participants.

The mobile industry is meeting the expectations of both organizers and participants. Not everyone has a camera or has a possibility to take a photo with it during the festival. Currently, every 4th person, or 25 percent. of society owns a smartphone. Mostly people in the age of 16 – 30 years (the group accounts for 70 percent of. holders). As it turns out 69 percent of. users use it to take pictures and only in the next place, because only 48 percent. people listening to music on it.

We also know that one in three smartphone owners download and use mobile applications. Applications are slowly becoming not only a source of temporary entertainment, but also an element of everyday life. In this case, they appear as a tool for a kind of live streaming of events, or conducting competitions. The best example of this is the Instagram application, which accompanied the participants of Coke Live. Thanks to it, in a very simple way, it was possible to take interesting photos, which the user could easily upload to their Facebook wall. However, the main role of Instagram was to enable the contest, consisting of taking a photo and adding the hashtag #cokelive 2013. After moderation, the winning photos were displayed on screens showing how the participants were having fun at the festival.

Another such initiative comes out of the hands of Polish startups. Flicolo application is focused on promoting specific places and events. With its help, anyone can take a photo and add it to the official album e.g. festival. Thanks to GPS technology, the application will tell us if an album has already been created in a given place, if not – we can only create such an album. You can read more about it on

The power hidden in taking pictures at such events and sharing them on social media is strongly believed in by iNKubator, which invested its funds in the development of this project. The application is the official partner of the Tauron New Music Festival, which starts tomorrow in Katowice. Organizers encourage people to create a photo album full of pictures to commemorate their experiences. This will undoubtedly be an interesting attraction, as a result of which, we will be able to return to this event almost immediately. Moreover, festival organizers have the opportunity to organize photo contests or interact with the participants. Moreover, they can easily show pictures on festival screens during the event or by sharing the album on their Facebook Fanpage.

Photographs, and even more so live photo reports are attractive entertainment for young people. They create a community and integrate event participants even more. Applications to take pictures or short videos such as Instagram, Vine or Flicolo are becoming increasingly popular. In the case of Instagram, the numbers are more than 100 million users. Around 40 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day!

Undoubtedly, these types of applications have potential and are needed in the market, and their creators continue to enter new collaborations and places where they can create added value for people.


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