Recruitment systems – here’s why they make team management easier in the COVID-19 era

Recruitment systems – here’s why they make team management easier in the era of COVID-19

While these are bitter words, they are undoubtedly true: the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer just “hard times”. It’s a hard reality. A reality that simply requires adaptation – and all the indications are that this will be long- rather than shortterm. This customization applies especially to businesses, including the recruiting department. How ATS systems help in “crown-reality”?

Pandemic has changed the structure of the market

Although our country came through the first and second waves of the pandemic quite well, it’s certainly not fair to say that COVID-19 didn’t cause any changes in hiring patterns. Due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, a large part of our activity has moved online.

This resulted not only in the increased importance of remote work, but also the need to transfer many processes to virtual reality, including recruitment processes. Largely due to the availability of broadband internet, Poland has still managed to maintain a low unemployment rate, stopping at 6.2% in December 2020, which has to be considered a good result.

As the third wave of the pandemic unfolds, it is very likely that the following restrictions will stay with us for longer. This allows us to say that the system of remote or hybrid work will accompany the Poles for a long time. Online professional activities no longer concern only freelancers or managers, but also include other professional groups, including recruiters and budget employees. This makes ATS recruitment systems more than just an option. It’s a must-have for many businesses to ensure that they function properly in times of coronavirus.

ATS recruitment systems – how they can facilitate the recruitment of employees during a pandemic?

The vast majority of companies that can thrive during a pandemic without extended interruptions have almost completely shifted their employees’ day-to-day responsibilities to home. Recruiters, among others, can work remotely – as the first major national lockdown proved. What might have seemed impossible before, such as. secure videocall interviewing is now standard for many companies. However, this does not mean that recruitment during a pandemic is easy. Recruiters are struggling with a lot of problems. These are all about effective communication between team members – you wait much longer to read an email than it takes to approach a colleague’s desk in the office.

If your company is struggling with a decline in recruiting performance or its significant slowdown from the version ” in real “, then definitely test the possibilities of recruitment systems ATS. These are the platforms that are used to automate the processes of acquiring new employees, definitely make communication within the team and between departments – and with candidates – easier. What’s more, they allow for convenient, efficient management of the entire process, from its planning to “controlling” the activities of individual recruiters. No wonder that recruitment systems are gaining popularity in the pandemic period, e.g. ElevatoSoftware .

ATS systems in Poland – what opportunities do they offer??

Although recruitment systems are not yet much talked about in Poland, their fame is constantly growing. No wonder; they can greatly ease the burden on the recruitment team and make it much easier to manage. Especially important in the latter respect are the features your company will appreciate especially during the COVID-19 pandemic:

– The ability to leave notes and ratings on individual applications – each team member can leave their opinion on a given candidate in a manner visible to the rest, without having to call or send emails,

Availability of a clear calendar of meetings – allowing not only convenient planning of the next steps in the recruitment, but also their quick viewing; at a glance, you can determine what is to happen in the near future, and what should already be done,

– Reporting recruitment needs in the system by managers – with simultaneous access to them by the entire recruitment team,

– organising joint online meetings,

Access not only by computer, but also by phone – one of the most common problems of remote work is the failure of the Internet in the apartment of the employee. In this and many other cases, the recruiter can continue to enter meetings or browse CVs on the company smartphone with mobile internet,

– access to the current activity of recruiters, along with the possibility of generating reports,

Convenient reporting of such data as the effectiveness of the recruitment process or the effectiveness of the given sources of inflow of applications.

The possibilities offered by ATS programs are really huge. Definitely worth testing; especially during a pandemic, during which team management is extremely challenging. See for yourself how ATS systems have developed in Poland!

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