Subjective about Mobile Trends Conference 2013 Business Day

Subjectively about Mobile Trends Conference 2013 Business Day

This type of conference, gives the opportunity to gather in one place many interesting and altogether busy people. It's cool that this group is growing, that they are more and more connected with the off-line, for which mobile is not an additional advertising format.

I notice that mobile at the moment is characterized by a very large number of people / companies operating in this area, but the projects that we do are not yet able to – I emphasize „yet” – bring to their knees „typical” manager from a corpo. I have an impression that such figures were expected by the audience. In the meantime, it turned out that there are a lot of cool projects, of various types, including those with a lot of media support, but somehow the scale is missing. I don't want to give examples, that's not the point, but some illustration can be this, that the presence of several hundred people associated with mobile is a total of 8 20 people zachecked’inowane in the hotel on Foursquare.

Let's measure everything we can!

Maybe that's why I really liked (well, I like numbers) presentation Mariusz Gąsiewski, whom I've known virtually for many years, and I'm very glad he made the switch to mobile in Googling. Mariusz is now responsible for business products for mobile area for CEE. The speech was led precisely from the evaluation of „promotion” Mariusz. But is there anything to celebrate when mobile traffic is „some percent” of all online store traffic?

Mariusz silenced skeptics by showing how to implement analytical activities to make a great application. Exactly – is there a formula for a great app? You have to try. More and more companies are taking action in mobile, let's measure it, learn from it and improve our solutions. Only in this way you can achieve „fame, money and masses of downloads”. In Mariusz's opinion, traditional companies have some advantages, they know their customer very well, but they are not yet able to transfer their experience to a new marketing communication channel.

One of the many interesting themes of the speech was the assessment of the number of downloads of applications in the context of the project budget. Unit cost should be related to the number of events such as. visits made by the user of the application, then it turns out that the unit cost of acquiring a mobile user is not so high.

Less is more

The scene, which is well known to the participants of the Warsaw Aula, which was once presented by Tomek Kolinko, perfectly diversified the speech Monika Mikowska. Great and dynamic presentation by Monika, whom I saw in action for the first time. What I remember from the speech? Let's not promise fairy tales. The number of people who download mobile applications in Poland is about 1.2 million. Only 3 apps exceeded 1 million downloads and none of them was paid. Mobile application is not a Christmas tree. Mobile app should be described in one sentence, this is the goal for developers and investors.

Many mobile applications are simply ugly. Attention is drawn to nice applications – using such applications is pleasant – Clear app is a great example. Even an exploited topic can be used anew thanks to a pleasant interface. Monika also brought up a rather painful problem of the industry –valuation. How much does it cost to release an app? Unfortunately, current valuations are often not marketable, they are too low. Mobile solutions are more expensive than web projects.

Apps vs. mobile sites

I had high expectations for the speech Artur Zawadzki. I was very glad to see someone from outside representing Gemius, which for many is still „an oracle”. And I still don't know what to say. I am still shocked and confused. Arthur took up an important topic of dot. comparison of the mobile sector growth rate in the context of what happened in the WWW area after 2000. It's a tough topic because there are few verified numbers on the market. Well, I also remember those times and I also often have deja vu.

Artur, during his speech, probably pulled out all „corpses from the wardrobe” mobile in Poland. Quotes: „most companies don't even have a mobile site”, „people are afraid to use mobile web”, „mobile internet is still expensive and limited”, „mobile offer in Polish is poor”. A breath of skepticism.

Are we dealing with the situation from the year 2000?? In my opinion, as much as possible, and the same opinion was expressed by Artur. However, our market may develop in a different way than western markets where native apps reign supreme. At the moment mobile websites play the biggest role in our country and the number of their views is growing very fast.

Show me your numbers

Mobile Trends will also remain in my memory because it was the first time to talk about numbers in such an open way. They were not the clue of the program, but the presented projects were almost always accompanied by figures. From this point of view of the speeches by Łukasz Kłosowski i Adrian Kielich were very similar to each other.

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