Subjective list of top 5 Facebook bots

Subjective list of top 5 Facebook bots

Recently we presented 5 easy steps to build a cool chatbot. Today I present you my top 5, out of thousands of bots available on Facebook.

1. Mateusz Transporteusz – the first bot I came across. Perfectly realizes the answer to one question – what time does my bus leave? So far it serves Gdansk and Wroclaw, but I hope this is not the end. And this is the only PL bot in this list. The more impressive thing is that it was created by a law student in his so-called „free time”.

2. Washington Post – after being bought out by Jeff Bezos, the Washington Post experienced a technological revolution. Improved the newspaper's websites, introduced mobile editions and applications, and created a bot for fanpage. The bot allows you to view the most interesting information and set notifications for news in specific areas. So much and so much.

3. Hello Jarvis – Jarvis serves as a reminder – write to him what and when you want him to remind you and he will do it for you. A simple replacement for the classic „to do” list.

4. MemeGenerator – what would the Internet be without memes?? This bot allows you to create and share them quickly, because is there anything more priceless than the right meme in the right place?

5. Pancho – weather girl – will tell you what the weather is based on your location and will present a forecast for the next few days. And all this with nice graphics. O… it's going to be a rainy week in Cracow 🙁 )

6. Bonus 6 bot 😉 Arby's – a bot that is a promotional action. In response to the high "botization" of the industry, Arby's, an American fast food chain, released a completely useless bot. We can't order a pizza through it, we can't even check if the pizza is on its way. But the entertainment of talking to it is ahead.

In fact, it is difficult to choose the top 5. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Bots are, for example, used as a tool for collecting reservations, where a great example is the airline Icelandair. Their bot allows you to buy tickets and check the status of a specific flight. It is easy to imagine introducing a similar solution for other organizations operating in tourism, such as hotels, restaurants, or various service outlets.

The financial industry and fintech are not being left behind either. Using Messenger, Wester Union allows you to send money between 200 countries. Bot offers automatic customer service and currency exchange in real time.

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