Volvo SUVs as good as they sound

Volvo SUVs – as good as they sound?

Regardless of wallet size or financing options, before buying a new car every driver wants to make sure they are making the right choice. In this he relies not only on his knowledge and intuition, but also on the opinions and recommendations of other users. And it is the Volvo brand that for years has been leading in recommendations of satisfied customers. A premium brand that can be used by anyone who wants a certain level of comfort and safety. What makes Volvo SUVs, especially XC40 and XC60 models, appreciated by the drivers from all over the world, including Poland?

SUVs lead the way

Currently in the automotive market we observe a huge interest in SUV type bodies. They are ideal for almost every age and occupational group. SUVs are suitable for the city, the countryside, vacations and as company cars. They perfectly fit the trend of young people escaping from cities to their outskirts – often with challenging road infrastructure.

Volvo SUVs – three premium models

Volvo XC90 for the big family

Volvo is a family favourite: it meets all their needs. It is spacious, with plenty of room inside, and the exterior still looks exceptionally elegant and timeless. Add to that all the creature comforts of an SUV and you’ve got the Volvo XC90 in your sights. This largest of Volvo’s SUVs has up to 7 seats, so you can easily take your 2+3 family on a long journey in comfort and convenience. Yes, you can fit three child seats in the back of a Volvo XC90!

The Volvo XC60 is all about perfection and comfort

Belongs to the family of medium-sized SUVs. Functionally it is a prestigious Volvo model for very demanding customers. Externally, it represents the modern Volvo lineage that catches the eye with its dynamism. The interior, on the other hand, features an exceptional finish with the finest materials, the latest technology and a range of driver and passenger amenities. Volvo XC60 has Google suite (Maps, Google Play, Assistant), 360° camera, cabin filters that purify the air of 95% of harmful agents and collision avoidance system. It comes in two drive versions: Plug-in hybrid and Mild hybrid. Rechargeable models of the Recharge series can be charged both from home network and special chargers for electric cars.

Volvo XC40 and the city is yours

The Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV fit for an urban lifestyle. It is the first Volvo model that also comes in a 100% electric version. On the basis of this model is also created crossover Volvo C40, which will be the first fully electric Volvo, produced only with such a drive. But let’s go back to the XC40 and the Plug-in version, which allows you to drive up to 46 km on an electric drive (ideal for home-work-home commuting). The interior meets the Volvo standards, so we can count on good materials and ergonomic space. The car is also equipped with many systems to make everyday maneuvers easier. The driver has a 360-degree camera, cross-traffic alert system or a system that detects cyclists, pedestrians, large animals and other cars. There are many storage compartments in the car that allow you to hide your laptop, bags or phone. Compact size of the car and a relatively low price for a car of this class makes the Volvo XC40 one of the leaders in sales among the cars of premium brands.

Whatever car you decide on, you’ll find it in the Volvo Auto-Boss SUV range. It is the Authorized Volvo Dealers and Service Centers that offer a Volvo on the spot and on individual order, together with professional transaction services.

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