We are testing the latest Google search results. There is a new quality!

We are testing the latest Google search results. There is a new quality!

The statistics are smashing. 96.31% of Polish Internet users search for information using Google search engine (followed by 1.89% of Bing, 0.53% of onet.pl, 0.50% yahoo). Algorithms and mechanisms of the Californian giant are unrivaled. To a large extent, Google owes it to the continuous development and testing, as well as our willingness to share information about us. In the search engine we can find not only general information, but also check the weather, book database or available flights. Additionally, in the mobile version we can search through available applications.

Google has quietly introduced a new feature. Searching on desktop or mobile, a bookmark will appear "Personal", where we can find results from Google Photos, Google Calendar or Gmail that relate to our search. And so when searching for information about Cracow we can also get results including our recent meetings in the former capital city, our photos geotagged there, or an email with information about train tickets to the city of Cracow. Such search results are described "Only you see these results", that is, they are not shown to anyone else. For now, the feature does not work in the Google app for iOS and Android, so to use it on mobile, you need to enter the browser. As far as I can see, this option is not yet available to all users.

Google Lens, something more than Google Goggles

A more impressive way to search with Google is their new app Google Lens, Google Lens, unveiled at the recent Google I/O presentation. Google Lens is an AR application supported by artificial intelligence. Using the camera and AI, the app tries to understand what it sees and connect the digital world with the normal one – like a search engine in the real world. And so when you point the lens at a car, the app will tell you what model it is and share all the information about it. You can also read a complex password from your router and automatically connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Pointing the app at a store or restaurant signboard will show all relevant information and allow you to easily buy tickets, make reservations or set reminders.

Google search

This reminds me a bit of another older and simpler Google Goggles application. The application can read barcodes and QR codes, it recognizes landmarks, works of art, books, DVDs and 2D images. It can also find similar products and solve sudoku ;). As you can see, this is in a straight line the predecessor of Google Lens, although it has not been updated for a long time.

Another non-standard Google search method is Google Now Launcher. This Android overlay, besides giving easy access to Google Now cards, makes searching for information much easier. On any screen just hold the HOME button and the application, after analyzing what is displayed to us, will show all relevant information.

Unfortunately, Google Now Launcher will no longer be supported by the manufacturer, but there is a good chance that you can switch to Google Pixel Launcher.

It has been known for a long time that Google is not only a search engine. But it is still the first choice of most users.

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