Your business should use a VPN! Find out why

Your business should use VPN! Find out why

Internet security is important regardless of whether we are talking about a large enterprise or a small company or a sole proprietorship. Hacking attack, ransomware, leaking personal data – there are many dangers for company data and equipment. How using a VPN service can help with protection? Check.

VPN is nothing but a virtual private network that encrypts and protects all internet traffic (source: Many employees around the world send emails every day, search the web for various information. Every possible connection to the network may be at risk – cybercriminals often target companies, because they can use the acquired information in many ways, including, for example, selling it to competitors. Companies that are aware of the threat protect their own information, using the VPN for this purpose.

How a VPN can protect an enterprise and its employees?

If a company decides to use a VPN, then its Internet activity (such as data sent and received, websites visited, etc.) will be monitored.) will not be visible to outsiders (source: questionbezpieczenstwo.en about VPN). This reduces the chances of sensitive information (for example, personal data) being intercepted by a hacker attack.

VPN protects the enterprise on different levels. So, let’s list the most important areas where this private network will prevent possible unauthorized interference.

– iVPN increases the level of protection when browsing the internet as well as communicating online. Company messages are secured during Internet transmission, so there is no way for hackers and other Internet criminals to intercept and read the record of business communications, which is what should remain inside the organization,

– VPN will protect our company against activities of a spying nature A variety of entities – not only our competitors, but also Internet service providers,

– VPN allows you to acquire market information discreetly at the same time, Therefore it is possible to browse websites belonging to competitors without revealing oneself. No trace is left behind after this kind of activity,

– we are sure that Internet connection is safe, Regardless of whether you use it on a smartphone, desktop or laptop.

VPN service for a company – benefits

Nowadays, business owners are more and more aware of the dangers that are associated with the use of the Internet, both for themselves and their employees. This is why VPN service is definitely very popular. How does a company benefit if it keeps its data safe with the help of a VPN?? Here are the most significant ones that Top VPN service lists:

1. Securing confidential and sensitive data

Not only personal data belonging to employees, but also arrangements between contractors and the company – the chance that it will be obtained by unauthorized persons through an attack is low. Thanks to that the company also takes care of its own image – possible leaks of the data it has collected could affect its finances, but also the trust of various contractors,

2. Anonymity and effective protection against competition

Large enterprises, as well as multinational corporations, are exposed not only to hacking attacks, but also to unfair practices of competitors, who may want to obtain information on key partners or conditions under which they conduct cooperation with the company,

3. The ability to bypass censorship

This is very important if a company sends its employees on business trips, such as to China. There, using Google search engine or social media (mainly Facebook) is quite difficult. It is enough, however, to change both the location and IP address, so that it becomes possible to view previously inaccessible websites,

4. Protection against possible tracking

When you connect to the network in a standard way, the Internet provider receives information, for example about the websites you visit. Any activity of your own client can not only be tracked, but also registered. The VPN service protects against tracking, if only from the network provider,

5. Significant savings

Using a VPN service not only comes with the lack of financial damage that could result from a hacking attack, but also with the savings of creating a security tunnel in your. In addition, the VPN service also allows for VOIP connection (voice calls), so you can save on phone calls.

Companies using VPNs and sending their employees on business trips also do not have to worry that they will start connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, thus exposing the entire company to danger. The security tunnel created by the VPN very well protects all incoming and outgoing data, regardless of your current location.

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